Planning to Vote

Since there is virtually no chance that Donald Trump will win Massachusetts’ electoral votes, I’m free to vote for the candidate who seems to most closely reflect my principles. Of those I’m aware of, the best candidate (i.e., the one with the best platform) is Michael Maturen, of the American Solidarity Party, with Juan Muñoz as his running mate.


The party seems to have been recently formed. I only learned of it a couple of months ago via an on line article in First Things. The party seeks to be comparable to a European Christian Democratic party. Their platform shows signs of being hastily written, and there are points where I think they are a bit off the mark or where I think they express things infelicitously or where I simply disagree — and some that, frankly, I don’t really understand — but on balance I think they are aiming for what is truly good for our country better than any other party.


If I were not aware of the American Solidarity Party, I’d be supporting Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley, the candidates of the Constitution Party. My main disagreement with them is their position on immigration. If you don’t like the American Solidarity Party, then I recommend the Constitution Party as the best I’m aware of. My third choice, if those two didn’t exist, would be the Libertarians.


All of this is based on a couple of points. For one thing, Donald Trump is absolutely unfit to hold office. Therefore, in states which are seriously in play, I consider it a duty to vote for Clinton. Elsewhere, Clinton is so bad — on Supreme Court, cozying up to Wall Street, abortion, religious liberty, and federalism, that she does not deserve a vote in her own right. Indeed, I see it as a duty to vote against her unless it’s needed in a particular state to stop Trump




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