Sunday Scriptures — OT C 05, Feb. 07, 2016

This Sunday’s readings all present us with people called by God who recognized their unworthiness but answered the call.
In the first reading — Isaiah 6:1-2a, 3-8 —the prophet receives his call. First he has a vision of God. He is terrified because he realizes how incompatible his own sinfulness is with God’s holiness. But once he learns that he is forgiven and cleansed of his sin, he volunteers to be God’s envoy.
The apostle Paul proclaims the death and resurrection of Jesus — 1 Corinthians 15:1-11. He lists people who have seen the risen Lord, including himself as the last of the list. This leads him to note that as a persecutor of the Church, he was nnot worthy to be counted as an apostle, but God chose him, and Paul’s effectiveness the the working of God’s grace.
In the gospel — Luke 5:1-11 — the miraculous catch of fish has an effect on Peter similar to Isaiah’s reaction to the vision of God. Peter realizes that he is in the presence of a holiness that is incompatible with sin — that his sinfulness makes him unworthy to be in Jesus’ presence. But Jesus dismisses that reaction. Not only is Peter to have no fear: Jesus has chosen him and his partners to catch men, rather than fish. Their response is as prompt as Isaiah’s; they immediately leave everything to follow Jesus.
In our responsorial psalm — Ps 138:1-5. 7b-8 with refrain from verse 1c — we praise God for hearing us and caring for us. We implicitly promise to spread knowledge of God’s greatness.
Baptism gives Christians the duty to participate, like Isaiah and Paul, in Jesus’ work of proclaiming God’s word, both in our way of life and in our words that witness to our faith. We can be assured of God’s merciful forgiveness for all our sins and of his grace enabling us to do what he has planned for our role in proclaiming his word.


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