Change of Seasons

It seems to me that there are two “seasons” in my years. One could be called the Symphony Season or the Concert Season or the Boston Season. The other is the Race Committee Season or the Yacht Club Season or the Sailboat Season. The former includes roughly the months of October through April, and the latter, May through September. In Symphony Season, I go to Boston one or more evenings most weeks, while in Sailboat Season, I only go to Boston for once-a-month daytime meetings with my spiritual director.

In fact, the official opening of the Corinthian Yacht Club’s season each year is the last Saturday of April, but my work helping run sailboat races doesn’t begin until around the beginning of June. On the other hand, the Symphony Season activities usually end around the beginning of May, so I’ve decided to put May in Yacht Club Season. The Club stays open through October, but I’m not involved in running sailboat races, but the activities of Symphony Season are in full swing, so October clearly belongs in that season.

Over the next seven months, I’ll go to 19 or 20 Thursday evening concerts of the Boston Symphony, 11 Friday evening chamber music concerts at the Harvard Musical Association, 4 or more concerts of the Handel and Haydn Society, and 4 Friday evening chamber music concerts of the Boston Artists Ensemble (at Hamilton Hall in Salem). There will also be plays, but I haven’t made firm plans. I might go to 4 or 5 given by the Huntington Theatre [sic] Company and up to 6 at Arts Emerson. Of course this is all “weather permitting.” I’m also looking at other music groups’ offerings, including opera, and so I reserve the right to add events to those listed above.

To get to Boston, I drive to Wonderland and take the Blue Line into the city. It’s much less expensive and more comfortable than driving into the city and parking there, especially with the senior discount. For the HMA, which is on Beacon Hill, I go to Bowdoin. Usually I have dinner at Scollay Square restaurant and then walk to the HMA’s house. For other events, I go to State. In nice weather I might walk to a play. Otherwise I take the Orange Line to the nearest stop — Massachusetts Avenue for Symphony Hall. I used to take the Green Line to the Symphony stop, but that became impracticable when Government Center was closed a couple of years ago for major renovations. I tried the Orange Line and found it was actually better, so I’ll probably stick with it even when Gov’t Ctr reopens.

Then there’s baseball. The only television I watch is the Red Sox (and the Pope in America). Their season doesn’t fit neatly into my personal system of seasons. They begin in April and continue at least through September — through October in good years. I watch most of their games, which gives me something to do with my evenings during the Race Committee Season.

My first concert was the BAE in Salem on September 18, and my last Race Committee activity was on September 19. (I had been scheduled for the 26th, but I had to officiate at a funeral that day.) The BSO season opener is October 1. So Symphony Season 2015-2016 is beginning.


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